Walk-in Clinic – Key Information During COVID-19


All patients needing Walk-in Clinic services MUST book a TELEPHONE VISIT first!  This important step is necessary to protect you and our doctors and staff.

One of our doctors will call you and determine if a face to face or virtual visit is necessary.  Don’t come to the clinic until instructed by one of our doctors – stay at home unless our doctor asks you to come in.


Two easy ways to book your telephone visit:

a) Book ONLINE by clicking HERE:

b) CALL us to book your telephone visit – 416-461-9471.


Have your provincial health card ready when you book online or call to book.  Expired health cards cannot be accepted.  Please call the Ministry of Health in advance to update your health card.

►Be prepared with your current address, email address, phone number, and emergency contact number.

►Gather information on ALL of your current medications and know the address of your favourite pharmacy.


Key Information about our Walk-in Clinic

  • We are open  7 days a week,
  • We are open every day of the year (including Christmas and New Year’s Day)
  • We are staffed with at least two family physicians every day.  On Saturdays & Sundays – we are staffed with 2 family doctors
  • We are open for anyone – whether you have a family doctor at the Albany Medical Clinic or not.
  • If you don’t have a family doctor, we have doctors who are accepting new patients!

We staff our Walk-in Clinic with Albany Medical Clinic physicians. After visiting at our Walk-in Clinic, please follow up with your own family physician. If you don’t have a family physician, we will gladly find one of our family physicians for you.

We strive to see all patients within 1 hour of arrival at the Clinic. However, depending on the time of day and time of year, wait times could be longer.


Doctor Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 8:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8am to 4pm

Walk-in Clinic Door Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday:  9am to 3:30pm


NOTE:  If we have a high volume of patients, the Clinic may close earlier than stated hours.