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Our Travel Medicine Clinic is staffed by our physician –  Dr. A. Sood.   He are supported by our Nursing staff and our assistant, Olivera Tamimi. All have extensive training and experience in travel medicine.

Services provided include:

Pre-trip Consultations. After gathering all the relevant information, the Travel Medicine physician will recommend a customized plan of treatment aimed to protect you during your travels. The types of immunizations and other protective measures can vary depending on your travel plans and your particular risk level. We attempt to tailor our advice to your particular needs and risk. Consultations will cover all relevant topics including:

  1. Immunizations, including Yellow Fever and Meningitis Vaccines.
  2. Detailed travel medicine reports for each country visited.
    • Advice on health concerns endemic to countries visited.
    • Detailed prevention strategies for:
      • Insect-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis.
      • Food and water-borne illness such as traveler’s diarrhea and schistosomiasis.
      • High altitude sickness.
    • Specific traveler related issues including pregnant travelers, travel with children, solo travelers and female travelers.
  3. TB testing if applicable.

A visit usually takes up to 90 minutes. Travel medicine advice is not an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) benefit. The cost per person varies, mostly because the requirements for vaccination depend on the destination. A consultation fee is only applied once in the event that more than one visit is required before departure. Discounts for families are available. Extended health insurance providers may reimburse some costs. Some immunizations are covered under OHIP, while more specific travel vaccines are at the patient’s cost.

Post-trip Consultations. Many illnesses may only manifest after your return to Canada. Screening for certain illnesses such as tuberculosis or intestinal parasites can save you from more serious problems later on. We can provide for the treatment of post travel-related diseases or arrange for timely consultations to specialized units if needed.

On return and as required, travelers can access post-travel medical services. Patients returning with a travel-related illness do not need a referral to visit, but an appointment is required. These visits are covered by OHIP. Due to the nature of some travel-related illnesses, a same day consultation can be arranged.

The Albany Travel Medicine Clinic is a designated Yellow Fever Clinic. We provide International Yellow Fever Certificates.


English, French, Hebrew, Polish, Spanish

Office Hours

Appointments are required. Call our Booking Center 416-461-9471.

Monday to Friday – by appointment only – please phone for times
Holidays – Closed