Prescription Renewals

Prescriptions are usually reviewed during an appointment. Before each visit, please make sure to check the number of remaining renewals for your prescriptions. Your physician will endeavour to ensure that there are sufficient number of refills until your next visit for re-evaluation of your medical condition.   Please monitor your prescriptions and contact the Clinic for an appointment or telephone/fax renewal well in advance of prescriptions running out if you know you need to see your physicians before a renewal.

If you are running out of a prescribed medication (with no renewal), it is because your physician would like to review your health/risks/benefits/effectiveness of the medications before you continue to use them.  Please make an appointment with your family physician before your medications run out.

If you run out without having made an appointment, our Walk-in Clinic will issue a ONE TIME SHORT SUPPLY renewal at the request of your pharmacy.   Please allow up 48 hours for prescriptions to be sent to the pharmacy.   Only existing/current prescriptions are eligible for telephone/fax renewal.

New medications, or dose changes require an appointment.

Narcotics, sedatives and antibiotics are NEVER renewed by telephone/fax, and require an appointment.

Prescription renewal without an appointment is a service not covered by OHIP, and can be subject to a charge from our Uninsured Services list:  AMC Schedule of Uninsured Services as at May 6, 2024. Please know that telephone/fax renewals require time from your physician to review your chart to ensure a medication renewal is appropriate, as well as time to send the prescription to the pharmacy.

No charge if you are 80 years of age or older.