Our Vision, Mission, Values


The Albany Medical Clinic will be the independent, comprehensive primary care medical clinic of choice for our community’s healthcare needs.


The Albany Medical Clinic provides comprehensive, accessible, quality patient-focused medical services in a caring, collaborative and efficient environment.


• Caring for our Patients

We provide quality services in a caring and supportive environment.  We act with integrity and respect and a commitment to confidentiality.  We respect the well-being and dignity of each patient.

• Practice quality evidence-based medicine

We practice medicine that is based on proven and known outcomes to prevent illness, restore health and relieve suffering.

• Quality Service

We organize ourselves to use our resources to treat patients efficiently and effectively.  We strive to exceed our patient’s expectations  by improving access and the quality of our services.

• Teamwork

We work together collaboratively for our patients.  We value the essential role of our physicians and create processes that help them serve their patients.  We value our staff as our important resource and create a workplace that attracts and rewards caring and high performing individuals.