Diagnostic Imaging (Xrays, Ultrasound, Echo, Mammo, Bone Density)

Clinic Policy:  Children are not allowed in the examination room or unsupervised in the waiting area. The Albany Medical Clinic does not provide childcare services while you are having your test.

The Albany Medical Clinic appreciates that you have chosen us for your imaging studies.  Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise to look after your child while you are having your study.

Ultrasounds – Your ultrasound examination requires your technologist to concentrate to get the best images possible.  Having a child in the room is disruptive to both you and the technologist and could result in a unsatisfactory examination.

Xrays & Mammo’s – A child in the exam room is not an option since it would expose your child to unnecessary radiation contrary to the Healing Arts and Radiation Protection Act of the Province of Ontario.

If a patient arrives for his/her appointment with a child that requires adult supervision, we will have to reschedule the appointment.  Without your own adult supervision of young children, it is difficult for us to give all our patients a good experience and high quality images and to receive our full attention while under our care.