Uninsured services

The Ontario government covers the cost of providing medically necessary services to patients through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Any medical service not covered by OHIP is called an Uninsured Service.

Some uninsured services include:

  • Prescription refills by phone
  • Drivers medicals and other third party examinations
  • Missed appointments
  • Work and school related notes
  • Medical forms for insurance, legal or employment purposes
  • Photocopying, faxing and transfer of medical records

While you can pay for these services on an as needed basis, participating family physicians at the Albany Medical Clinic offer an annual block fee plan as a more convenient and cost-effective way to manage these charges.  The Block Fee plan covers most of your uninsured services for the entire year for one annual fee.  Please contact our office for a complete list of services covered and not covered by the block fee plan.

To subscribe to this plan, please ask your family doctor’s receptionist or family doctor for details at your next visit.