Cancellations, Late Arrivals, Missed Appointments


We require 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments.  At a time when the demand for appointments to see family physicians is at an all time high, this advance notice of your cancellation allows us to allow sufficient time to offer your appointment slot to another patient seeking medical care.

Late Arrivals/No Answer when called

We do our best to run on time during the day, and late arrivals make this difficult. If you arrive late (more than 5 minutes) for your appointment time, you may not be seen. You may wait to be seen when there is an opportunity, if time allows (at the physician’s discretion); if not, you will need to rebook your appointment.

This applies to phone visits as well.  If you are unavailable when we call you, we may have to cancel or rebook you to another date and time.

Missed Appointments (and not cancelling with 24 hours notice)

When you make an appointment at the Clinic, time is put aside for you. Missing an appointment and especially not calling in advance to cancel, causes significant delay to other patients seeking medical care, and increases wait times when the appointment is rebooked.

If you miss an appointment or cancel with insufficient notice, you could be billed for the missed appointment based on our Uninsured Services fee schedule that you can read here: AMC Schedule of Uninsured Services as at May 6, 2024

This bill would need to be paid prior to your next visit with your family physician.  If there are extenuating circumstances that caused you to miss an appointment, please let us know by going to our website and sending us a message or by calling our Booking Center at 416-461-9471.  Three (3) unpaid Missed Appointment billings may result in dismissal from your physician’s practice.

Appointment Reminders for In-person Visits

If you have given us your email, you will automatically receive a reminder email regarding your upcoming in-person appointment two days prior to your Clinic visit.  Don’t forget to complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire that’s attached to your in-person appointment confirmation email.  Depending on your family doctor policy, if you are testing positive for COVID-19, a phone appointment may be available to you or you may still be asked to come into the Clinic for the visit.

If we do not have your email, our office staff will be calling you to confirm your in-person visit (and to do your COVID-19 screening).  Please note that our office staff are not calling to reminder you for phone appointments.