Features of AlbanyOnline

****March 2016 Update****

Implementation of this project has been postponed.  Please check our home page for details of when this feature will be up and running.


What is AlbanyOnline?

If your family doctor is participating,  AlbanyOnline is your online access that allows you:

• to book available medical appointments,

• to cancel medical appointments,

• view selected portions your medical record, and

• update your contact information.

Are all the doctors at the Albany Medical Clinic using AlbanyOnline?

No.  Each family doctor will decide whether they want to participate in AlbanyOnline.  Ask your family doctor if they are participating.

How does AlbanyOnline work?

Step 1 – Your family doctor elects to participate in AlbanyOnline.

Step 2 – You have signed the Web Access Consent Form and an AlbanyOnline account has been created.

Step 3 – Your family doctor determines what information will be available to you on AlbanyOnline.  When new information is added to your account, you will receive an email notification stating that you should log into your AlbanyOnline account.  You may receive a message from your family doctor to call and book an appointment or you may see an actual lab or test result.

Why use the online appointment booking system?

Our Call Center receives a heavy volume of calls especially on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Online appointment booking provides a quick easy alternative to set up an appointment. There is no wait and you can take your time in selecting your appointment. You will receive instant notification on all new appointments by email; be able to to view your existing appointments and you will be able to cancel appointments online.

Can I book all my medical appointments online?

No. Your family doctor will determine what kind and how many appointments can be booked through AlbanyOnline. For example, your family physician may not allow periodic health visit appointments to be available for booking through AlbanyOnline). At this time, however, appointments with our specialists can only be booked in person.

What if I need to see a doctor today?

If you have an emergency that you feel cannot wait until the next available appointment time, please phone the Call Center at (416) 461-9471 and see if your doctor is available to see you, or visit our Walkin Clinic.

In the event that we are closed, please go to the Emergency Room at the nearest Hospital.

Will I have access to all my lab reports?

It depends on your family doctor.  Your family doctor will choose which lab reports will be placed on AlbanyOnline.  Your doctor may leave you a message to request that you book an appointment to discuss your test results.

How do I update my personal contact information?

Simply log onto AlbanyOnline and view your personal contact information.  Click on Update Information, and enter any changes to your phone number or address.

Can I email my family physician through AlbanyOnline?

No.  AlbanyOnline is not an email system. Do not send any confidential information through standard Internet email.

Can my family physician contact me through AlbanyOnline?

Yes. When your physician releases selected test results, a message may be included with your results to help you better understand the significance of the information you receive. Your physician may also send you secure messages through your AlbanyOnline account.

Does every Albany Medical Clinic patient automatically have AlbanyOnline?

No. Though we strongly encourage you to sign up for AlbanyOnline so that you may benefit from its many convenient uses, an AlbanyOnline account will only be established for you at your specific request and if your family doctor elects to participate in the AlbanyOnline program. We respect your personal preference regarding communication with your Albany Medical Clinic physician, and we do not require anyone to become a member of the AlbanyOnline community.

Is there a monthly charge for AlbanyOnline?

There is no charge.  AlbanyOnline services are offered complimentary to Albany Medical Clinic patients.

If you are experiencing an urgent health-related problem, do not attempt to use AlbanyOnline to communicate with your family doctor. Please call 9-1-1 or go to your doctor’s office immediately.